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Service Programs

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Each year, we offer awards to community women and girls who are furthering their education.

For women studying at the technical school or undergraduate level, we offer the Live Your Dream and Educational Opportunity awards.

For women studying at the graduate school level, we offer the Fellowship Award.

We offer scholarships to young women who are graduating from high school and who will be attending vocational school, college or university. In addition, through the Ruby Award, we recognize the efforts of local women who have made extraordinary differences in the lives of women or girls.

We provide ferry tickets to cancer patients and their caregivers for travel
to the mainland for treatment. This helps to ease a family’s financial burden during a stressful time.

We partner with San Juan Eagles to provide flights to Skagit Valley or Bellingham appointments.

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We collaborate with the Department of Health to support "Fresh Bucks" - a program that doubles the amount spent on fruits and vegetables at the Food Co- op and the Farmer's Market.

We collaborate with the Family Resource Center to provide food and delivery to shut ins during the Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. 

We also collaborate with Nourish to Flourish - a group of community leaders who meet to understand hunger issues on San Juan Island and provide information, education, and resources for food security.  

We provide emergency assistance to help any woman resident of San Juan County to address a one-time problem for which other assistance is unavailable.


Women in need are identified through referrals from local community resource centers.


We provide annual financial assistance to Safe San Juans and to the
Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center.


Other annual or occasional projects are also supported to assist the local community, always with primary focus on the needs of women and girls.

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