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Testimonials from the beneficiaries of our Service Programs you so generously support!

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Cancer Treatment Transportation Fund testimonials:


"We are sending our heartfelt thank yous to show how much you have aided and supported us on this confusing and tough road of cancer treatment."


"We have been so grateful for the ferry passes and your dear words of encouragement." 


"We hope to pay it forward at some point in the future." 


Dear Soroptimist,


   There are no words to express how thankful and grateful I am for the help that you have given to me. I honestly don't know what I would have done. 


 I was diagnosed with cancer and told that my primary treatment plan was radiation, with one chemo infusion per week to enhance the radiation. That's when I learned that I learned that there is only chemo on the island and no radiation treatments!!!! 


Everything associated with finding out you have cancer is just extremely overwhelming. Thank you for helping me with travel! With so many things to have anxiety over, through this journey, it was such a relief to not have to worry about getting to my treatments. 


Thank you!!!

Warmest regards,


To whom it may concern,


Regarding the ferry pass for cancer patients available from the Soroptimists of Friday Harbor, I will say about a year ago we began to rely on these passes more than I care to admit. We have had the unfortunate disruption of a Stage 4 cancer diagnosis in our family; the love of my life, father of our three daughters, new son in-law, who have blessed us with a new grandson. The impact this has had on our lives has been difficult to say the least. Logistics of travel with the ferry service this last year has been beyond what we have ever experienced in the past 25 years here. Difficult seems to lofty a word to describe it. The emotions of fear and grief have become more familiar in my veins, overloading me at times. So finding out about these ferry passes offered from the Soroptimists felt like a godsend. The kindness, generosity, ease and compassion I’ve been given throughout this last year has been a tremendous gift. Eileen is a kind hearted soul who asks for the certain information needed with kindness and discretion. I am incredibly indebted to this program. Within 24 days last month, there were 21 appts. in Seattle. Just to give some perspective. This valuable service has given us more opportunities to come home and replenish here on our beautiful island. Healing with helping hands. So, with profound gratitude,


Thank You!! 

I am writing this in praise and support for the Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor and their cancer treatment transportation fund.

I am a recipient of the transportation fund. I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer on May 12th, 2023. I was told that Peace Health Island, Medical Center, Saint Joe’s in Bellingham and Skagit Valley were not able to treat me. I must go to UW Medicine or Fred Hutchinson for treatment.

I go every 11 days and stay in Seattle for three days. The costs are prohibitive - gas, food, hotel, pet care, and ferry fares. Due to my chemo treatments, I haven’t been able to work at my jobs like I used to. My income has been seriously impacted. The ferry tickets that I receive from the Soroptimists are such a blessing, and I can’t thank them enough.


Food Security Fund testimonial:


From: Gay Graham
Sent: Monday, November 6, 2023 8:57 AM
To: Nancy Buechner <>
Cc: Jennifer Armstrong <>
Subject: Community Care Cans


Nancy…good morning!  I saw a posting in this morning’s Facebook that Soroptimists are yet again putting out “Community Care Cans” for the Joyce L. Sobel Family Resource Center.


THANK YOU!  Your caring and helping out in this vital area is very much appreciated by all those who will be recipients in need of that special boost of help.


Please convey our thanks to the membership!


All the best,


Gay Graham, Chair

JLSFRC Board of Directors

Nourish to Flourish testimonial:

Scholarships and Awards testimonials:

Dear Soroptimist:

I'm writing this to express my appreciation for your support.  I'm both honored and grateful to have been recognized and received your scholarship.  Thank you for seeing potential in me and helping me move on into college!  Thanks you!



Dear Soroptimist International of Friday Harbor,

Thank you so much for supporting me and my future. It means so much to me.  This going to help me throughout my college career.  I am most grateful and excited for the road ahead.

Thank you,


Dear Soroptimists,

Hi!  I've just started my fall term at Portland State University. I wanted to reach out again and say thank you for the scholarship.  It means a lot for me and I am very grateful.  I'm so glad organizations like yours exist and can help people like me to to university.


When you have finished viewing the testimonials, return to the Support donation site by clicking this button:

Note:  for privacy reasons, most of the testimonials will not contain the contact information of the beneficiary. Or in the case of the Women’s Emergency Fund, we do not collect testimonials.  

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